Friday, 1 July 2011

Newbs and Nudity

As I've already posted two pretty heavy blog entries in as many days, I figured I should provide a little light entertainment - so here I am.

I am not "new" on the Internet, as it were. We got our first PC with a connection to the Internet when I was eleven, and I used to use my one hour of net time a night to post text-based roleplays (usually in the world of Harry Potter, do not judge me) on MSN forums. Remember when they were cool? No? Never mind. After that, I joined some other fantasy-based forums, and then ran my own. If you are unfamilar with the world of text-based RPs, I'd probably advise you to steer clear. For every decent writer you find, you find a weird who keeps his dead ex-wife in the cupboard. What I'm trying to get across is that I'm not a stranger to the weird and wonderful collection of items and people on the web - and doesn't everyone now know that the web is really for cat videos, emo poetry and porn? - but I was shocked to see my avatar appear in the Second Life for the very first time beside this:

Can't see it properly? Click to enlarge. Lol.
I think TraciAnne, the not-yet-loaded-white-circle hit the nail on the head. HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF CLOTHES, MAN?!

The worst/funniest thing is that, as you can see from my avatar, the default skin SL provides cannot be made to be naked. You have to download extras skins from the Second Life marketplace for that. And I just realised that he is wearing a pair of white sandals. What is this man doing?! This is the Welcome Area. Right there, you can see the not-yet-loaded bee I mentioned earlier. This is not how I expected to be welcomed! I think this guy had decided what he wanted out of SL right from the off...I just wish he hadn't felt the need to enlighten all of us newbs, too...

I'll no doubt find some reason to refer to this horrific incident later.

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  1. He was obviously trying to portray something in his virtual life that he was never going to live up to in reality! Poor wee man!!!!
    I think your caption probably says it all really - in the world of reality you need to click to enlarge!

    Love you :-)


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