Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sitting in the Big Chair...

I promise that there are some technical, intellectual, philosophical and ethical issues I want to talk about in relation to Second Life here in this blog...but I want to post this too so...."nurrr!", I guess.

In the previous post (posted seconds ago!), I said I wanted to post the screenies I have taken of myself thus far sitting in big chairs. I consider it an SL hobby of mine.What can I say? I've been taken to a lot of sci-fi sims and been aboard many spaceships, and thus I have seen a lot of important, executive-type chairs, and the child in me runs (and by "runs", I mean, "walks seductively towards as if modelling a new dress by Gucci") towards them, clicks the pose ball, and grins maniacally. Okay - so the maniacal grinning happens in real life, not in SL. Don't ruin my fun.

Without further ado, I give you Kitti in the Big Chair:

This was on a kind of Star Wars show ship. The whole place was a shop.

See chat bottom left in screenie. Eeeee! :D
This last screenshot (below) isn't of a big chair specifically, but it was, for a short time, my chair. Laertes told me that I could sit here and take a register of people going on and off the ship, other important things on the computer you can see there. So there I sat. Looking important. Doing nothing because only he and  were on the ship in the first place, and he was the owner and captain of it. The pose ball attached to this chair seemed to think that the arms of the chair were a whole lot higher than they really were...hmm.

Check out my sci-fi outfit. O simulated latex, you have so much to answer for.
 I'll keep you posted on the big chairs front ;)


  1. So what you are really saying is that you have issues over your own importance then...Well all I can say is that you are extremely important to me and always will be....perhaps a big chair woud be a excellent present for you sometime - one with 'Director' plastered all over

  2. Um...not sure it's quite as deep as that Mum, but thanks x


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