Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Bit Wobbly

I'm going to give it to you straight here: this isn't really a post about Second Life. It's not not-a-post-about-Second-Life, but you aren't going to learn anything new about the virtual world from me today (as if you do ordinarily!). 

I'm feeling a bit wobbly today. Somebody give me some stablisers (remember when you used to need those on your bike? Doesn't that make you feel old? Ugh)! I awoke early this morning, turned on my laptop, loaded my undergraduate dissertation file, and wonder how the Hell I was going to get through the rest of the day. Three hours later, on a word count of three hundred and eighty-two, of which only eighty-one words are new, I am wondering if my target of one thousand words today is even remotely realistic. It's not even the only thing I have to do today. Damn university.

It isn't that I don't find my dissertation topic interesting - I do. I picked it because I was most interested in it. But 'most interested in it' doesn't quite translate into 'easiest or most accessible to write about', and that's where I am floundering. And, with just under two months to go before the final hand-in date, I'm wondering if I shouldn't be writing about something else. Something else such as...oh, I don't know...maybe a little something I've been keeping a blog about for almost a year now?!

The idea is redundant, of course; I can't change topics now. And it is highly possible that I would be getting frustrated right now with any topic I had chosen to write about, blog or no blog. But I am tired and fed-up, and it is oh-so-easy to wander over here and start writing about...well. Whatever I want to write about in relation to Second Life.

I even have an alterior motive for writing this. Okay, 'alterior motive' is the wrong phrase. I sat down to write this little whinge, and realised I could make myself feel better by relating it to something I have been meaning to making a little post about for a few days now. I think that the two go hand-in-hand rather nicely.

Ordinarily, Kitti Wytchwood is useless at hugs. For whatever reason, whenever Sian Pearl offers to give her a hug (I have to click 'yes' to allow it to animate Kitti), Kitti just kind of stands there like a dummy and does nothing. Or she waves her arms around in a manner reminiscent of a Dalek. Or her legs start to move but she doesn't go aware - spontaneous treadmill? 

But the other day, it worked! Kitti gave Sian a hug back. Sort of. 

I could use a hug right now.

Also - I think it was the same day as the Successful Hug - this happened. I'm not really sure what 'this' is, beyond that it most definitely happened:

What is going on, SL?!

Apparently, nobody could see it but me. On everybody else's screens, Kitti was doing just fine. Sigh. It did make me laugh, though.


  1. aww, good luck, only 618 words to go (for the day anyway...) you can do it! :)

  2. Thank you for your support - I actually managed to get a fair amount done today, more than my 1,000, so that's something!


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