Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kitti's Kitty

After visiting the Pixel Bean the other day and seeing Harlow Heslop's cat, I decided I'd look into getting one. I'd seen some SL pets before, but they seemed like a lot of work and a lot of money that I didn't really want to spend. After a bit of researching, I found that they weren't actually too bad, and that if you're not wanting to breed them, they don't eat very much at all - clearly, kitty sex is exhausting. So I went onto the marketplace and I picked up the new (free) cat from KittyCats - the SL9B kitten. 

Party Cat!
Because it is the SL9B cat - a cat created to celebrate Second Life's ninth birthday - the poor thing's fur is emblazoned with balloons and confetti and the word 'SL9B!' which I'm sure the RSPCA would have something to say about irl. It also has a party hat permanently attached to its little kitten head. Because of this hat, I have decided to call her Party Cat. A highly original name, I know. But I want to party again!

So far...I can't say I can see what all of the fuss is about. She doesn't really do a whole lot, and I have no idea how to get her energy levels up. It seems a little like having a three-dimensional tamagotchi - you can feed it, and 'play' with it, but that's about it. 

It's time to party!
She's also tiny. When I reset the camera to my normal position, I wouldn't be able to see Party Cat if her name didn't hover over her head. She isn't as tall as one of Kitti's shoes. I also managed to lose Party Cat when I put her on my shoulder, then took her off again too close to a wall. I haven't had her for a day yet! She magically ended up on the other side of the wall, and couldn't seem to get back inside again. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Despite the fact that I've turned off the breeding option - sorry, Party Cat, no SLex for you! - her hunger percentage is rising, and I only have the starter pack food that came in the box with her from KittyCats. I don't know how long that's going to last, and if I'm going to have to start spending money to feed her...I'm not sure how long she's going to last.

But I want to party again!

Owning a cat in SL is almost as much a responsibility, it would seem, as owning a cat in real life, and I think there is some wisdom to that. Whilst it would be nice to own a virtual cat responsibility-free, that is possibly not putting out the right message, and if SL has any power to influence real life, I think it is important to reinforce the "for life, not just for Christmas" aspect of pet ownership. If it turns out that I can't really afford to keep Party Cat, I'm going to have to find another home for her (like comatose in my inventory, sob!), just like I would have to in real life (not comatose in a cupboard!).

This could also be the start of some awkward conversations. I have a tendency to refer to Party Cat as Kitty (which is something I also used to do with my rl cat), and I have just announced that 'Kitty is cleaning herself!'. This could be taken the wrong way when considering that my avatar, too, is called Kitti. Just to clarify, Kitti is capable of cleaning herself, but not in the same way that Party Cat is. Let's just not even go there.

I'll keep you updated on the cat front. If you have no idea who the original Party Cat is, you should be ashamed.


  1. BAHA.
    I'll give you some tips on KittyCatS if you want when I next catch you in-world; or bring you over to the dark side (AIFs. <3).
    Giggled my way through the post. XD

  2. Only you could be crazy enough to think a SL kitten was a good thing....You are becoming a crazy cat lady sooner than expected....lmao xxx

  3. what a fun post!!! i laughed thru it, btw... if you click "prims" on her menu, you can "hide" her hat :) so she doesn't have to be a party girl all the time :)

    that food bowl should last you 2 weeks if you put her on a pet setting, she will grow big enough for you to hold her (5 days and up) and normal food will last 8 weeks for 170L.

    enjoy her! i really hope you keep her cuz your post was hilarous, i'd love to hear more :)

  4. Oh, I didn't know that! I managed to submerge her in a basket (via the prims tab), but then she couldn't move, lol! Though she'll always be a party cat, because she has "SL9B!" printed on her side, lol, poor thing.

    Thanks for the advice about food (that doesn't sound too bad...) and for your comment. Hopefully, I'll have some updates when she gets bigger! xxx


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