Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kit 49 - Part Four

My real life trip to Southern California is coming to a close. This time tomorrow, I'll already have been on the plane for an hour, provided I managed to navigate LAX alone successfully. It's not LAX that haunts my dreams, however. I've never flown alone before.

Anyway: I give you part four. I had a lot of fun putting the outfits together for this one and trying to work out what looked cool and what just looked like poor Kitti had fallen into a charity shop basket. Don't get me wrong - the fallen into a charity shop basket look isn't bad, it's just not what I was going for here. And it was quite interesting trying to make Kitti look like several different people without once changing her shape and/or bone structure (I'm still not really brave enough to mess with that!).

View on flickr - here.
Though I've enjoyed making all of these installments so far, I think I'm perhaps losing some of the sense of play that I started with. I felt a bit repetitive, since many of the shots I have used so far have been taken in the same place, and that place isn't all that big. For part five, I have taken some shots across a couple of sims, and I'm trying to find a way to put them together seamlessly. I'm planning a longer strip, too, perhaps more akin to the style of part one. We'll see what I end up with, I guess. 

I'm not much of a comic-book reader. I am familiar with the general style, of course, and I have read quite a few manga books now (namely, Hellsing and Death Note and some of Black Butler), but I'm really just playing with the images I have and what I'm capable of doing in Paint Shop Pro, which is my photo manipulation tool of choice.

But more on that soon, hopefully!

Kit 49: part one / part two / part three on flickr.

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  1. I like it sweetheart...truly wish you were still here doing this instead of heading off back to the UK.

    Miss you already, the house seems so empty and I just hurt.

    Love you


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