Sunday, 9 September 2012


I have looked everywhere and I can find whisker nor tail of her. My friend Croon came over and did some fancy-pants wire-mapping thing to see if she could see her, but that yielded nothing, either. I tried a bit of reverse-psychology and pretended that I didn't care that my cat had gone AWOL, and she still hasn't come back. She isn't in my lost and found folder (a folder that basically does what it says on the tin, non-SL users). I cannot find her anywhere. 

If you have any suggestions as to where she might be and/or how to find her, please let me know! I'm using the official Linden Labs viewer, with the latest update, if that helps!

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  1. Your kitty may have gone off sim. You could try clearing cache and relogging, then look in your Lost & Found folder.
    If that fails, go here
    and file a ticket for your kitty to be retrieved (you may need to register on the site if not already done so.)
    Pro tip: you will need the kittycat's ID number. To find it, log in to and then click on the cat's entry on the Pedigree page


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