Monday, 18 February 2013

Steel Buns

Today, I threw together this outfit based on a prize Sian Pearl has created for the hunt her shop is taking part in, and I skipped off merrily to investigate sci-fi themed sims in which I could snap some vaguely interesting photos. I ended up - against my initial, better, judgement - in an aforementioned notorious space brothel bar, but managed to find a relatively quiet, relatively plain, spot in which to take what I hoped would be a decent shot. 

I had not been there five minutes when the IM came through: "Come join me", it read, "I'm in a dark alley."
"Why are you in a dark alley," I replied, "When there are all these lovely electric lights to bask beneath?" God only knows how he found me in such a large sim when, according to my mini-map, he was nowhere anywhere near me. 
"Come and join me," this male avatar wrote to me again. "Do you want to play?"
"No," I replied. "Sorry. I'm sure you'll find somebody who does!"

Considering the reputation of this notorious space brothel bar which labels itself a place for "rape, forced sex, alien sex, and bdsm", these IMs were very unforceful and not as presumptuous as some I have received on much nicer, happier sims. But doesn't get away from the fact that what we are talking about, here, is the proposition of a rape fantasy. The proposition of forced sex and, I'm sure, some kind of sexual enjoyment of the scenario in the real world by this person. That he propositioned me is not the issue - I was in a place where people go to do that kind of thing, and he followed the etiquette perfectly by asking me rather than attempting to force the fantasy upon me. No; the problem here is my response.

What did I do when asked if I would allow my avatar to be potentially forced into all kinds of strange and definitely uncomfortable-looking sex positions and acts? I apologised. I didn't just say "no, thank you" and move on. I apologised, and felt the need to offer him a bizarre kind of compliment.

Why did I do that?!

I got the photos that I wanted at Insilico, not the unnamed notorious space brothel bar. They weren't what I originally wanted, but I got to be a little bit more creative in my self-portraiture, I guess.


Steel Bun(ny Ear)s
Click the image to enlarge, or click here to see it on flickr.


  1. Why Miss Kitti - you should never feel the need to apologise for saying 'No'...Perhaps the need came from the fact that whilst you were in the Space Brothel place you were only there to get some screen shots and not there for the rape, bdsm and other sex stuff that most patrons go for...Perhaps the apology was more for the invasion of their space rather than your rejection of the offer!

  2. I think that's a nice, rational kind of reasoning. I think that I maybe just responded as I would to any other question. I try to be nice to people in SL, since niceness in the virtual world is not commonplace. But it's still grim. Grim grim grim.

  3. It is. So grim. By the way. If it's the nasty sim I'm thinking about, the region next door to the space brothel is called Dark Alley. Which is I think what he meant.

    Don't go to Dark Alley. It's horrible.


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