Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Boob Job - Follow Up

In my previous post, The Boob Job, I didn't include any pictures of how mesh looks when it doesn't fit an avatar. Whilst SL-users might be familiar with this problem, my non-SL user readers will not, and anyway - it's kind of funny to see when it's not your avatar, right?!

So here they are. In the first picture is Kitti with her original body shape, and in the second, Kitti's body modified to fit within the mesh clothes. 

naughty mesh!

(more) modest

As I said, I believe, in my previous post, I have compromised: I have modified the shape of Kitti's torso slightly to fit into the mesh, but I have not kept the downsized measures for her legs needed to fit into this skirt. Somehow, her thighs seemed too skinny, more from the side than the front, and changing their muscle and width levels made me feel uncomfortable. The mesh trousers I bought, pictured in the previous post, fit just fine without any leg modifications needed, and that makes me happy.

They are not, you might think, the most drastic of changes, but to me, they feel like it. I like Kitti's shape the way it is, and her body shape, combined with her ginger hair, are the only two constants that make Kitti Kitti, so to speak, so any compromise feels like cheating on her.

Should I just let it go? How much should we be willing to compromise on our avatar shape? Could standard sizing really begin to make us all look the same?

I would just like to state, as a disclaimer, that whilst the clothes in these pictures come from the same shop, it is a shop that uses standard sizing, so these problems are across the board. I also have a lot of love for the shop these clothes came from, and I am not blaming that shop for the inadequacies of mesh. I like mesh. I like this shop.


  1. I feel the same way. There are some lovely things I've gotten, or tried the demo for, that require that I change my shape. Well, unless it's something like a corset that actually changes your shape... no. My shape is me, and that's who I am.

    When I really have to vastly change my shape to fit an item I'm shooting, I change enough to pretend I'm someone else entirely. It's somehow more transgressive than walking around stark naked.

    I laugh at myself - but there it is. The idea of it being "helpful" to give out a shape with a product ... well, if you have to do that, something's wrong!

  2. Yeah, it would seem so. I know that we're waiting for this mythical deformer thing to make mesh fit everybody, but...I dunno. I don't mind minor changes, but massive ones? Bleh.


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