Sunday, 7 April 2013

Le Jardin Electric

Le Jardin Electric, Hangars Liquides
On Thursday, I went to my first virtual poetry reading. Sian Pearl performed 'l'objet petit a' at le Jardin Electric in Hangars Liquides. It lasted for half an hour, and more avatars turned up than my laptop would render. There was a great, friendly atmosphere, and reading poetry is what Sian does for a living, so everything went pretty smoothly. Including the audience seating, which, at le Jardin Electric, spins.

Occasionally - and, judging by what others were typing in the local chat, this happened to most people at some point -, the voice feed would cut out, and then cut back in, either at the point it broke out (suggesting I was now listening at a delay), or with some of the cast missing, creating something slightly more disjointed than Sian originally anticipated. But since such is based heavily on our individual connection, the performance each of us heard must have been slightly different, individual. The technology involved in making a live virtual performance pushes the idea of individual reception and experience. 

And, somehow (I'm not sure how, my sound cut out at this moment), Sian managed to work two of my favourite of her poems into the performance, and even read one she says was inspired by me/Kitti - and told everybody that is was so, so we had a little blush is-everyone-looking-at-me moment (they weren't).

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures at the event, so I don't have one of Sian in her outfit, or Hangars Liquides' own Lawrence Celestalis, who looks awesome in a suit, or any of the other lovely (and wonderfully dressed) people that turned up. I went back after to get these shots, which I would advise to any SL users because le Jardin Electric really is a wonderful space. But I'll save my ode to Hangars Liquides for another post.

Inside the space


  1. I actually don't have nay pics of my costume either. I should fix that.

    You're so very kind, by the way. I am honoured to know you.

  2. You should. If you do, send me a link and I'll paste it into my post?

    Lies and slander!

    Next time, maybe we should do a joint show? :P


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