Friday, 10 May 2013

A New Fetish?

This, I realise, is not a revelation. I am just slow. But look! - Kitti has proper feet! Mesh feet have been around for a while now, but I have held off picking them up because, in truth, they seemed like a lot of effort, and I wasn't sure how much I'd actually use them. But more and more, I'm wanting to throw Kitti's shoes out the window - it's not like she needs them, really - and so when I heard yesterday that the lovely lady at Glam Affair had released an applier pack that made colour-matching the feet super easy, I gave in.

For non-SL users, or those who have missed the whole mesh-feet thing, mesh feet are worn as attachments over your avatar's real system feet. System feet are strange and all your toes are smushed together like you've been wearing stilettos since you were three. They're really not good. But the mesh feet are much better, and once you have them on, you have to use a heads-up display menu to change the colour of them to match your skin tone. That's not half as easy as it sounds when you've given the colour palette from Microsoft Paint to work with (you know the kind I mean). But lots of skin makers, catching on to the trend, have begun to bring out their own HUD menus that allow you to change the feet to match their skin tones with just the push of one button.

I've made it sound much easier than I believed it was, and when I opened all of the little boxes (there were so many!), I did have a little tantrum because I could not make the applier work. Norah explained it to me, however, and...I was basically just being a plonker. Thank you, Norah.

So now I'm going to be barefoot forever. All I have to fear are lego bricks.

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