Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Vampire Hunter

That I fell in with the sci-fi/cyberpunk roleplaying crowd within Second Life was a complete accident. I am something of an amateur writer, and have been roleplaying on forums and via IMs on MSN Messenger (R.I.P) and Skype for years, but my genre of choice always was - and still is - fantasy. I cannot get enough of fantasy fiction, though I've sung that song before (here!), and don't really think I need to sing it again.

But I've been thinking. There is plenty of space within SL for an avatar to be involved in rps of all kinds of genres, and there is plenty of Kitti to go around - by which I mean, I don't think I've be compromising a whole lot if I got involved in something other than trying to free sex-bots in the back streets of Hangars Liquides...(I do love Hangars Liquides!)

So why am I not out there, living the fantasy (second) life? Sinking my fangs into somebody's neck, or trying to liberate some fellow elves from the Doctrine of Saint Tolkien? I do have a reservation.

I'm not interesting in the SL Vampire Bloodlines game. I don't want to go chasing avatars and drinking virtual blood and all of that. What that seems to leave, in my limited experience and research, is a lot of sims that adhere to an old, medieval kind of fantasy style, or sims like the City of Lost Angels that are more up-to-date, but operate on a HUD system with character types and levels and power ups, essentially creating a game to run alongside the writing.

With Teeth
But I don't want a game alongside the writing. I just want the writing. I'm not really fussed about time period or anything like that, and I have some pointy ears as well as some pointy teeth. I like wearing both at once (exhibit A). What I don't want is a world full of rules. I like to make the rules myself.

Does anybody have any advice or any suggestions? Are there any fantasy critters out there that want to write with me? I have to admit, my internet connection isn't so wonderful right now but I sure am willing!

[Side note: I've been updating Kitti's flickr with a lot of images that aren't making their way onto my blog. If you want to see them, please click on the Flickr button on the right-hand side. Thank you :)]

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