Monday, 30 September 2013

Fall (from Grace)

Left to Rust
Strawberry Singh's meme challenge for today is a few questions about Autumn. It included suggesting we take an Autumn-themed picture to go with the post, but after despairing searching for good autumnal sims that weren't full of afk avatars photo-bombing every shot, I decided I'd take a different angle on the theme. 

So here - I give you Kitti-turned-Ariadne (if Ariadne had pointy teeth, and the sense to steal some armour, which I'm not wholly sure the Ariadne of the stories had). Ariadne put herself out to help Theseus escape the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, and received in return what amounted to a quick roll in the sack and then abandonment. Theseus got bored with her and instead of braving up and telling the poor girl how he really felt, he left her miles from her home, miles from everything she knew and loved, on a random island in the middle of the sea. 
What a bastard. Silly, silly Ariadne. 

If that island had been Autumnal England, Kitti-Ariadne would quickly realise that, beautiful as the island was, it was wet and windy and cold. The fog coming in off the sea would stick in her lungs and smell faintly of burning (am I the only one that thinks that?), and start to rust her armour. Hopefully she'd land somewhere in the North, because the South of England is pretty disappointingly flat once you get passed the pretty cliffs.

Anyway. The Challenge.

1. Is Autumn your favourite season? Why or why not? - Autumn is my favourite season, but it is often disappointing. As I look out of the window now, the leaves on the trees are green and muddy brown, and it's raining. Autumn is supposed to be thin jacket/jumper weather - not too hot, not too cold. Red leaves on the trees would be very, very nice. It's also my birthday next month.

2. Do you call it Autumn or Fall? - Autumn. I exploited what I believe is the American term, 'Fall', for the title of this post, but that's about it.

3. What kind of weather does your area get during this season? - The same as the rest of the year. I live in England! :P No, seriously. It's a little cooler, and the Sun can be lovely and bright...but it also rains a lot, and is damp. Apparently, it's unseasonably warm here right now, but I think the weather is just being a bit crazy. 

4. What colour do you associate with Autumn? - a nice crisp red :)

5. Which Autumn related sim is your favourite at the moment? - I don't have one! If anyone has any suggestions, please send them to me. I tried Strawberry's suggested Tempura Island, but there were afk avatars everywhere. I took the photos for this post at a completely unrelated sim, but I was inspired by the grey-greenery and the oh-so-English Autumn fog. The name of the sim is The Citadel of the AdEternum Horde.

Oh - one last thing. The Kitti-Ariadne should have a conclusion. I think she's a savvy kind of girl. Maybe she used Theseus just for the lift, knowing he was a bastard. She was probably weary of these 'heroes' to start with, especially after hearing what happened with Jason and Medea. I reckon Kitti-Ariadne would make this little green island work for her.



  1. Hi there :) - thank you! And thank you for taking the time to come and read my post x

  2. I definitely agree with peep, your take is different but beautiful and makes your pics stand out. Thanks for participating.

  3. Thanks Strawberry :). I think this challenge pointed out to me just how much I need to go exploring again.


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