Friday, 17 January 2014

Miserable Pornstars

Miserable Pornstars
Paraphrased but real conversations I have had in Second Life over the last two days.

#1 - Wednesday
- How do I know you?
- I don't think you do
- Where do you hang out?
- Well, not many places...sometimes the Library, Hangars Liquides...I did some readings at Commune Utopia
- I've been at the Chamber and I'm new to the Library
- I think I've been to the Chamber once
- Are you a submissive? I don't seem to have a record
- You don't have a record because we've never spoken before
- Are you single? Is your husband not romantic anymore?
- I haven't said anything to either effect. Are you single? Unhappy?
- No
- So why did you think I was?
- Most people in SL are

#2 - Thursday
- Ur a hottie
- Ah, thanks
- I'm a pornstar baby
- In SL, or IRL?
- In SL lol
- Isn't everybody a pornstar in SL?
- Except my neighbour
- It was a rhetorical question
- How did you like my answer?
- Well, it was an answer
- :D
- You liked your answer, didn't you?
- Yes I did lol
- I could have bet money on it

So apparently, we're all miserable pornstars.

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