Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wussy Tuna

~ (o.o) ~
This morning, I was whisked away, spur of the moment, by Ruina to Innsmouth. Although I haven't read any Lovecraft (shock horror - I know, I know, pipe down), I am familiar with some of his themes and ideas, and even if I hadn't been, this little town was a treat.

The sim is pretty old school in that pretty much everything appears to be made out of prims. But it's done really well, and there is obviously a lot of love in those broken buildings and rusted, broken cars. Right at the beginning, there's a tunnel bridge that reminded both Ruina and I of the film Beetlejuice, and I should have known then from that shared recollection how awesome this date was going to be. 

We toured the ruined town, getting rained on and being sure to steer as clear of the water as we could. There were monsters aplenty, and when forced to confront them, we realised that actually, they were pretty wussy.

The fish jokes are endless
The real monsters on the sim were Ruina and I, laughing at the poor fishy men and making awful jokes about feeding the fish lord Dagon tuna for his lunch. Coming out of His Almighty Wetness' hall, we came across a gentleman who attempted to engage us in roleplay. We played along, but only half, and pretty soon the poor sociologist was more scared of us than any finned god. We were pretty sassy.

On a more serious note - just for a moment - the sim really is fantastic, and there are some wonderful little details that really make it really interesting. You could spend a long time just wandering around it, and Ruina informed me that those little details change periodically, so it's worth stopping by every now and again for a peek. You can visit it by clicking here - here!

This stunning lady was standing in a church, right about where the cross would usually be. She's horribly beautiful.
I am always drawn to windows. I've yet to decide whether I like this shot or not.
And - less serious now - there are some brilliant poses just waiting for you to click on them.

Oh no!
Ruina, jealous, wanted some slime t0o. I had to take the picture from this angle because her cigarette really makes it.
I feel as if I haven't written substantially enough about this date here, but I don't know what to say beyond that it is a fantastic sim, and that I had a fantastic time. Thank you so much, Ruina, for taking me there!

And - I almost forgot. We got to meet the Great Cthulu. Cthulhu? Am I spelling that right?! Anyway. Him. We got to meet him.

Yeah. Him. See, you knew who I meant.

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