Monday, 19 September 2011


So, it looks like SL hates me today. I got logged out for no apparent reason, and now I can't even get the viewer to launch - it just says "Oh, darn, there seems to be an error and SL is not responding". So now I'm giving in and downloading a completely different viewer to see if that fixes the issue. 

Ordinarily, I use the default, "official" Linden Lab Viewer. The terminology used there, "viewer", sets an interesting tone for your engagement with Second Life. You aren't creating it or loading it or building it into your computer or something. It does not come into being when you log in on your computer. It is there all the time, you've just gained the ability to see it. It's clever.

Doesn't look like Firestorm is any more tolerant than Viewer 3, lol. Sigh.

I have, however, managed to set up a flickr account to run alongside this blog. Hurray! It can be accessed via this link here, or by the link in the right-hand sidebar. There isn't all that much up there at the moment, but I'm intending to use the space to upload the prettier of my blog screenshots, as well as to hold those that didn't make it into the post themselves. Feel free to follow and/or comment there - just like you can here :)

I'll be back with another (proper) post asap. Until then, please enjoy this screenshot of two frogs on a bench:

Pretty much what it says on the tin

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