Monday, 3 October 2011

Psycho Tots

Surfing the web, as you do, I found an article entitled "Ten Reasons to Avoid Second Life". It is four years old, and thus rather dated, but I don't think it is far off the mark, and it offers a pretty concise explanation of SL for those who don't quite understand what SL is yet.

Click here to read the article - here!

I am not suggesting that this is some kind of SL encyclopedia, is quite interesting.

The aforementioned article mentions Gor. From my understanding, Gor is a fictional place/world pulled from an old series of novels in which a class of "free" men and women use other men and women as slaves for sex. I first stumbled upon the concept when I managed to wander into a Gorean sim in Second Life. A signpost issued me with a set of rules and a HUD which contained an AO that would basically bind my avatar up like some kind of kinky parcel. One Google Search later and I was starting to think I needed to get out of here. It all seemed rather violent and grim, and also rather serious - but then I came across this:

"Do NOT Climb :)"

Maybe it only looks like it was written by a five year old in crayon. Maybe that five year old is a psychopath who daubed it in his slave's blood. I suppose anything is possible - this is SL, afterall!

How did they know I'd want to climb the waterfall, anyway?!

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