Saturday, 8 October 2011

Of Jurassic Proportions

In a previous post (namely, "What the Dragon Said"), I introduced a friend of mine, Salix Southpaw, who enjoys spending her time in SL pushing the limits of avatar customisation by wandering around hilly sims and not-so-accidentally stepping on elves as a rather large and majestic black and purple dragon. Deep breath. More recently, she has taken on the guise of a komodo dragon (screenies on my flickr), and even that of a raptor. And what better a place to be an SL raptor than in the SL version of Jurassic Park! Naturally, she invited me along to investigate the sim with her.

The black circle? A poseball - but only for raptors. Discrimination!
It's been quite a few years since I last watched "Jurassic Park", but Salix assures me that this is a pretty good replica of the museum in the film. Beyond the museum is the dino park and copious amounts of laboratories - only, we don't think that these are film copies. At least, I hope they aren't, because I don't remember "Jurassic Park" being quite so disturbing...

Seems like an excessive punishment for wearing flip-flops, if you ask me
...and I also don't remember anything about a desire to combine human DNA with dinosaur...

Click to enlarge to read the text
With this...ah, mind, this poster I found on the upper levels of the museum seems to take on a much sinister tone:

You knew the offer of "free food" was too good to be without a catch
I'd like to suggest that no raptors were harmed in this little experiment by Nargus Labs, but their holding tubes don't look so cosy, either.

Well...maybe it's safer for us humans this way!
Scientist Kitti checking on captured raptor-Salix, ha ha!
So heaven help us when they escape!

Not sure if Salix looks like Kitti's doom, or her right-hand dino, lol.
What was most discomforting about this sim wasn't all of these weird genetic experiments, or the horrid raptor harnesses - it wasn't even this scarily self-assured banner I found hanging high above the museum foyer:

Shall they now?!
Or this advert for juice from the vending machines dotted around the place:

"fresh as a fossil"?!
 Or the seductive pose of the anthro-raptors (skins) available for purchase in the museum shop:

And here was me thinking that the human-dinos were being bred for science...pfft!
No - what was most unnerving about the Nargus Labs sim was how healthy the food from the restaurant seemed to be. Even the hotdogs came with great slices of watermelon!

A whole plate of fruit?! At a museum restaurant?! Is this really an exhibit?!

Balanced diet?


  1. I think I would make a pretty awesome SL dinosaur...I could be really really mean but with a softer side.....erm no what am I saying....I could be really really mean and eat small annoying children for breakfast lunch and dinner!


  2. That's what Salix does, only with the elves...

  3. Shhh, don't tell anyone that...I'll be ruined otherwise *snickers*

  4. um is there a place u can role play as a dinosaur cuz i havennt been able to find one


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