Monday, 6 February 2012

Don't Touch

Something new for you - a little blog activism:
Both Kitti and I feel that we should be allowed to wear whatever we please without fear of "retribution". I "ask for it" with my mouth, not my attire.
"We spend so much time telling women how not to be raped and assaulted, it's almost like we forget to tell the culprits not to do it...It doesn't matter how drunk you are, or angry you are, or horny you are. All acts of abuse against a person physically weaker than you - rape, assault, theft, threatening behaviour, bullying - are unjustifiable. End of story."
These are the words of Sian Pearl, for the Concerned Bloggers Association - you can read the rest here. Again, I don't feel so confident, at least right now, to write too much about myself, but I felt it was my duty to spread the message. But I do want to push this a little further than Sian did.

It doesn't matter how drunk, angry, or horny you are. All acts of abuse against anybody are unjustifiable.

Whilst we're at it, let's stop slut-shaming, and generally making comments about other people's life choices, especially when we haven't taken the time to understand them. Slut-shaming seems to hold hands with the kind of attitude Sian is talking about.

So stop reading this, and go and read her post instead.


  1. I think that you and Sian should perhaps start the Sian and Kitty appreciation joking on that subject.

    The true subject matter is an important one and good on you for jumping onto the Sian bandwagon on it...

  2. Lol, thanks Mum. Sian and Kitti appreciation society?!

    Because I copied and pasted that quote from Sian's blog, it's sent my blog format into complete disarray. Not sure why the hyperlinks aren't highlighted, but, like I said, they do work!

  3. I think that you would be very welcome in the Concerned Bloggers' group actually, Kits. And thanks for the love. Of course, all abuses are out of the question. It's just that abuses are perpetrated on the weaker party by default. It's a little tautologous in fact.

    I do really appreciate the support.

    And please keep writing the "heavy" posts. No one else sane writes on the ethics and social politics of SL like you do. It's valuable and you should get more readers.

    ((btw the links look fine on my screen))

  4. Kitty - you have received an award!
    Sorry but it had to be done.

    Love you :-)

  5. Sian - I know you weren't implying that they were, but I wanted to make the issue completely concretely loophole proof, that's all. And I will, lol - I've one lined up about the issues of ethnography, but I haven't got around to writing it yet. I need to experience more SL tbh.

    Mum - an award? What? Where?

  6. Ethnography? Good luck with that. You might want to start with why aemeth, who self-identifies as black, has a white avatar, though.

  7. I wasn't even going to approach that level of detail, at least not yet, lol! Starting with issues of writing about Second Life. Maybe work my way up :P


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