Friday, 28 September 2012

Front Toward Enemy

Wow - this week I have been in a posting frenzy, it would seem! Okay, maybe "frenzy" is a bit too strong a word. And they have hardly been the world's longest posts. Today's might well be the shortest. 

After threatening to do so for months, Sian Pearl made Kitti a tattoo. I had no idea what it was going to be until she send it over to me. It sounded familiar, so I ran the phrase through Google...and then let myself feel all mischievous. There's only one other thing that makes me feel this mischievous - this.

So then I went out and made the best of my new tattoo like a good little firestarter. And let's face it - I'll take just about any excuse to get wear out of my dirt layer. It was quite strange for me, since I am still undecided about the idea of having tattoos in SL when I would not do so in the real world. I can't yet articulate my own ideas on that subject, however, so I won't speak on it now. I love my tattoo, despite that uncertaintly (thank you Sian!), and I love this pipebomb made by Marls Vaughan. 

A pipebomb! In SL! That seems to be all kinds of  cool, and all kinds of impotent, to me.

Front Toward Enemy - click here to view large on flickr.

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