Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thoroughly Kicked

Back in May, I wrote a piece entitled 'Kicking the (Chrome) Bucket', talking about the cyberpunk scene in SL in relation to an article by Svetlana Boym on nostalgia. The cyberpunk aesthetic and the idea of a nostalgia for an obsolete vision of the future are both ideas that I am very interested in, and since I wrote that original post, I have acquainted myself with a very popular example of both: 'Blade Runner'.

'Blade Runner' is not the inspiration for today's post, however. When I logged into SL this morning and found a present from my good friend Sian, some science-fiction themed hair by Paper Heart, it was Effie Trinket of 'The Hunger Games' that popped into my mind. May the odds be ever in your favour!

So I popped some food pills, took a couple of screenshots, and sat down to think about the reflective nostalgic that I am. And how much of a pretender at it I am - the (outdated) vision of the future Kitti is modelling here is not even one that belongs to my generation, and her get-up certainly does not reflect a future I would desire. That future is soooo yesterday. Instead, Kitti looks like the love-child of 'Blade Runner' and 'Hairspray', which doesn't say an awful lot for poor Effie Trinket. 

This chrome bucket is thoroughly kicked.

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