Saturday, 1 December 2012

Return of the Party

When I said I'd file the ticket - the little message that tells KittyCatS that Party Cat is missing -, well...I didn't. 

(Remember Party Cat? Fibber. I bet you forgot all about her! Refresh your memory here.)

I know, I know. I wrote all about her feelings, and how uneasy I felt, but I didn't file the damn ticket. A little bit of me thought she would come back, but the rest had already decided she, and her balloon-patterned fur, were long gone. 

Well. Yesterday, someone was talking in the KittyCatS chat about a cat they had lost, and I joined in, sharing my experience. Also involved in the chat was one of the admin staff of the company, who urged me to file the ticket, sending me all of the links and telling me how to find the information I needed to fill in what amounts to a missing persons report. So I did.

And a couple of hours later, look who should appear.

I want to party again!
Now I feel even worse. I have been considering getting another cat, trying again, neutering the thing and somehow...I don't know...penning it in so it can't get the hump and run away. I'd even considered getting two. To rub salt into the wound, I lost Party Cat before I got my new laptop, and, at that time, I was generally unable to stream sound in SL. Now, however, I can hear every realistic meeow Party Cat makes. She sounds like a real cat - even if she looks like a cuddly toy with those balloons on her side and the cruel 'SL9B' logo on her side. 

I am a bad pet owner.

I still might get more cats.

Welcome home, Party Cat.

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  1. I remember Party Cat and as she could obviously have been returned to you much much sooner had you cared enough for her to file the missing cat report, I think SL should prevent you from having more cats until you have demonstrated you can look after this one properly....

    Only joking :-)


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