Thursday, 28 March 2013

Head-first into the Water Feature

This is another anecdote post. I guess, in a way, all of my posts are. Feel free to skip this one, if you like. Just, jump over it. 

Kitti jumped over a table today. I didn't ask her to. General lag, combined with a terrible internet connection, means that navigating Kitti through the virtual world has become something akin to navigating an ice cube across a frozen lake - literally. You give her a little nudge, and suddenly she's halfway across the sim and trying to push herself face-first into a wall. 

Whilst trying to be classy at the classy shop Ladies Who Lunch today, Kitti jumped over a table and fell into the water feature. Luckily, nobody was there to see - but what this almost meant, I soon realised, was that there was also nobody there to over her a hand out. She was utterly and completely stuck. I tried making her jump out. I tried making her walk beneath the glass on the other side (the gap wasn't big enough, even for short Kits). I even tried jumping and flying out. For some unknown reason, Kitti just would not budge. 

See that little ginger head? In the water feature?!
Just in case you needed clarification...
Needless to say, my amusement quickly died. A very kind person finally appeared and offered me a hand out - after laughing at my misfortune, of course.

I thought my troubles might have ended there - but no. I attempted to guide Kitti up some stairs, and ended up underneath the building. It's easily done, I'm sure you will agree, but every time I tried to walk out, Kitti got all confused and walked further underneath. 

So I guess the point of this post is that, if anybody ever tells you that navigating gets easier the more time you spend in SL, they're lying. 

The Ladies Who Lunch stop is a very lovely shop to get stuck under, if you have a choice.

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  1. Oh my, poor Kitti.
    Sounds like she is really in the wars as a result of dire internet quality.
    Better make sure she goes on a holiday of her own when you visit out here, because I guarantee you, our connection is no better since it is of the satellite variety. :-P


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