Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Yesterday morning, I logged onto Flickr and found someone had left a comment on a photo I had uploaded back in February. The comment was a request to do a pile-up, and it was the first such request I have ever received and, of course, I said yes. 

Often, people post their SL shots with a green background (like a green screen in film, I understand), and other people download that image and doctor it, usually by adding in a background. This is a pile-up. The wonderful thing about pile-ups is that your original picture could have been taken in a forest, but I could take it and put you, instead, on the Moon. Alternatively, I could just edit the colour of your hair a little, or crop it in. There are no real rules attached to the creation of the pile-up, and as I said, it's a pretty simple idea. In the end, you end up with a collaborative image that adds something new to your original concept. From all angles, it's cool.

When I posted my picture - with its green background - I didn't have a pile-up in mind. In all honestly, I'm not sure what I had in my mind when I posted my picture, except that I was having fun with the beautiful make-ups from chelle and I wanted to have lots of arms. And I realised that I could join in the SL naked party without revealing too much because my hair totally had it covered.

See this, my original image, full size on flickr - here!
I had no idea what to expect from my first pile-up, or from Crystal, especially since I don't actually know her. She began following my Flickr stream yesterday, I believe, and I am now following hers.

Thank you, Crystal, for taking the time to look at my pictures, and then for taking the time to make a pile-up of me!

What Crystal created is absolutely brilliant, and I love it. It is so vibrant that I wonder that I ever thought the green of my original image suggested anything of life at all. She added something utterly new to the picture, and linked it to a song that conspires with the new colouring to make Kitti into an LSD acolyte, as well as nymph of free love.

See on Crystal's image on Flickr - here! - and on her Tumblr - here!
And wouldn't you listen to every word she said? I think she makes a most persuasive disciple.


  1. Cool! Thank you for making a blog post out of this :)

  2. Wow! that is really cool. Interesting idea :-)


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