Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Furry Shut-Ins

Who Got the Cream.
The gap between my posts seems to only increase, and I fear it heralds the slow demise of this blog. I hope that isn't the case, but I'm not sure how to ward it off. I don't want to repeat myself ad nauseam, and the truth is that I haven't been having very many virtual adventures because I have become something of a virtual shut-in.

That isn't to say that I am no longer enjoying Second Life - quite the opposite. But my friends all seem to have bonded together and we have formed a lovely little clique (I say with irony) which, when any more than one of us is online, tend to converge on someone's house and stay there. Since I got a new skybox with it's fantastic roof, we have been basking in the patches of light and playing chicken with the dust motes. Sometimes we go to Niri's, or to sian's. We're a clique of shut-ins. 

But like any self-respecting shut-in, I have also become a virtual crazy cat lady. Gone are the days of being able to walk around my skybox without stepping on a tail. One mad day last month, I decided to complete the KittyCats hunt and returned, victorious, with two obnoxiously coloured cats which - in my infinite wisdom - I decided I was going to breed together.

Party Cat is also a KittyCats cat, and whilst she has only ever been a for-pet cat, the point of the KittyCats cats is to breed them. Each cat has different traits, and by breeding them together you can encourage new traits to emerge. It's a lucrative business and I have seen eighth and ninth generations kittens being sold for more money than I could ever hope to possess in either world.

So, I hear you asking, why haven't you been breeding cats since day one, you crazy shut-in cat lady? Well, when you turn a cat from a breedable into a pet, it takes away their hunger and you don't have to worry about feeding them anymore. This is why I neutered Party Cat, and why I intended to neuter my two new cats, Pinky and Pest. Food isn't massively expensive, but when you have to buy it each week (and more often, if you have lots of cats), it isn't especially cheap either. However, I decided I wanted to have a go, and see if I couldn't make something that was super adorable, even if it didn't reveal enough new traits to be sold. 

...wanna meet my cats? Of course you do.

Earl Grey is Carmine Chris' cat, and has been neutered for quite a while now. I picked Rune up around the same time as Pest and Pinky, although I had to pay for him. Pest and Pinky, like Party Cat, are emblazoned with celebratory cat sprinkles and other silly party-related nonsense, as they were created by KittyCats to celebrate the company's birthday and were free. Pest has been living up to his name and likes to walk into our house guests, knocking them several paces across the room (if you could fall over in SL, he would be knocking them over). He also enjoys running around like a maniac. James, the offspring of Pest and Pinky, is a cute little thing and he's quite subdued. In the middle is Scout, the child of Pinky and Rune. She looks just like her daddy except that she has Scottish Fold ears. Her ears are a newly revealed trait, but they are her only new trait, so she isn't worth any money (and anyway, she's too cute to sell).

Know why Party Cat isn't in the picture? Because she's buggered off to party elsewhere. She'll be back, don't worry. Little wretch that she is.

I confess, I was a little bit disappointed that breeding with one/both of the special birthday cats didn't create a new, equally obnoxious fur colour. Both Scout and James are fairly normal cat colours, and don't feature any balloons or sprinkles or cakes or whatever else. I'm not really sure why I thought I might end up with green or, I don't know, lilac kittens, and when I expressed this thought to my new friends and pro KittyCats-breeder (that sounds so wrong) Bunz, she laughed at me. 

So: now I am breeding Scout and James, and I'm hoping that they might, as second generation kittens, make an interesting little couple of kittens for me to breed on again. I'll keep you posted, because I'm sure you're all dying to know how it works out.

And don't talk to me about cat incest. Just don't.

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