Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pretty Damn Queenly

a fun kind of queen
 As a child, playing princess wasn't really my thing. I had dolls and cuddly toys, yes, and I used to make little houses out of my Nana's sofa cushions, but I also had a car mat and a book about dinosaurs and I liked to watch Power Rangers and Batman with my mum. I didn't go through the teenage princess thing, either, but instead threw my lot in with the knights and the soldiers and the rogues, the mages and the necromancers who put the dead back into their graves (not the more traditional other way around).

Queens are where it's at. If I had to occupy any position of power within a monarchy, I'd want to be a queen. My husband would not outrank me, and I wouldn't suffer any of that pea-under-a-mattress or cursed spinning loom nonsense. I'd be the benign dictator I'm starting to think my country needs (did you see any of the Clegg/Farage debate? Kill me now).

The leaves remind me of the Roman laurel wreath. I have no idea if that was even remotely the intention behind this design.
I know it wouldn't be easy, but I'm not sure that ruling should be easy. If it's easy, you're missing something somewhere, you're not engaging with the problems and the nuances of the problems of the people. And I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth and a chair at Eton with my name already written on it - in cursive on a little golden plaque - so I don't waltz with an air of entitlement sniggering behind my hand at in-jokes with my fellow Bullingdon Boy chums. I'm also not afraid of Islam, and have an open mind about the EU. Oh - and I'd consider employing as my allies and advisors any homosexual the kind members of UKIP can identify as having the ability to control the weather (I'd imagine that kind of skill is worth a Nobel Prize, at least).

What does any of this have to do with Second Life, Kitti? I hear you, oh noble and patient subjects, and I will give you the answer you seek. This self-indulgent ramble was inspired by the beautiful items I was asked to blog to help promote the Fit for a Princess Event, which opened in SL on April 1st. I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I received to blog (even more than from FutureWave!). There's no real way I could blog it all, but there seem to be lots of other bloggers on the case, too - so between us, perhaps we'll do it justice.

The fair itself isn't huge, but is packed full of really great and beautifully made items. It's really simply laid out in a circle, and the building itself has palpable textures and a shiny floor that reflects the arches in the roof perfectly (which is a really cool SL effect, I think). I realise that blogging fashion doesn't really fall in with my usual style of blogging, but I do like to take snaps of and record here some of the wonderful things the creators in SL are making, and I think this is one way of doing that. 

My dress in the first picture was made by aemeth. I've been a fan of aemeth since my early days in SL, and the make-up I bought from her store not long after I first started SL has aged magnificently and is still amongst my favourites. This dress is so lovely, but it's fun too - and I think funness is overlooked by the majority when talking about monarchy. What's the point in being a princess (or a queen) if you can't have any fun? I love the folds and the creases as the dress gathers into the cuffs and the hem - so realistically. 

The crown and collar in the second picture are by Evie's Closet and their leafy design seems to invoke a ghost of the old god-emperors of the Ancient Roman Empire. They're much more delicate, of course, than Caesar's laurels, but they are so so pretty.

Royal Blue I

Royal Blue II
The last things I want to show you are this beautiful ballgown and these super sparkly nails. The ballgown was made by Peqe, and it comes in a whole bunch of colour combinations, each named after a Grimm/Disney character. I don't tend to dress Kitti in blue very often, but I thought the softness of this dress in Hades (named after the Hercules' Hades, of course) was too pretty and sweet to miss out on. My glittery Rhinestone nails (appliers - for Slink hands) match perfectly, too. They're courtesy of A:S:S.

All of the items I have mentioned in post are available at the Fit for a Princess event, and there is so, so much more. If you'd like to go and see for yourself, click here - here! Even if you're not really into princessy stuff, like me, there'll most definitely be something there for you. I mean, how queenly do I look in those last pictures!? Pretty damn queenly, even if I do say so myself.

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