Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Text reads: I would like you to take me out on a (non-romantic) date. Where we go is entirely up to you,  but please tell me if I need to put shoes on before we go. I'm usually barefoot.
When we go is also pretty much up to you. I'm in the UK, so my clock is eight hours ahead of SLT/PDT - so please bear that in mind when making time suggestions. Times don't have to be exact, but obviously I need a rough idea so I can make sure I don't miss you! If you want to IM me out of the blue and see if I'm free, I'm totally cool with that too. Whatever works.

I'm not expecting you to entertain me for hours - I just thought this would be a good way of exploring SL, meeting new people and getting to know others better. If you let me take our picture there, I'd be very grateful (but you are under no obligation to allow that, at all).

So, show me what you've got up your sleeve? - pretty places, quirky places, silly places, whatever you like. Please IM me, or drop me a message on Flickr or Plurk or wherever - my username on pretty much every platform is Kitti Wytchwood.

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