Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Poise of a Princess

a type of religion
So, the Fit for a Princess event is on its second round, and I am still, by some miracle, on the list of bloggers, so here is my post.

Poses. You have to love poses. Poses can make or break a picture, and so far some of my favourite items from both rounds of this fair have been the poses. The ones pictured above are from nani ('whirlwind'), and I love how, in this set-up at least, Kitti appears to be appealing to the virtual gods - first in worship and then in annoyance. This kind of bargaining with deities you only half believe in was fairly standard when I was growing up, so much so that it has become a kind of trope. Church on a Sunday? No way. But want to win the lottery, or blame someone for everything that's going wrong in your life? Better Call Saul. Or God.

This second set is from positure, and is named 'Princess Roza'. Princess Roza is obviously a ballerina, and I love the simple elegance of these dance-like poses. They make for beautiful shadows too, which, combined with my super cool projector, made for some interesting layering.

There is much more at Fit for a Princess than poses. Click here to go and check it out - here! If you'd like to see the pictures from this post larger, please click here - here!

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