Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Loose Ends

As I wander through SL, I seem to gather a whole lot of screenshots that go into my screenie folder and never see the light of day again. And a thousand tiny incidents take place, and I find lots of really cool things to share, and I never write about them because they aren't, by themselves, worth a whole blog post. So I figured I'd pile them all into one blog post, and...well. Be done with them!

So first of all; remember my cat? (If you don't, click here - here!) I logged in a couple of weeks ago to find that my cat was nowhere to be seen. I searched the whole of my house, and my surrounding 'garden' - which is empty, apart from a tree and a very small patch of flowers. When I couldn't find her, I started to panic. How had I lost a cat - a virtual cat, no less, that was tethered to this patch of ground?! 

You can see her name there, over the hedge!
Because the damn thing was hiding in my hedge. In the hedge. The hedge I had assumed was solid. My friend Croon found her for me - but then I couldn't get her out. A whole lot of cursing later, she came out of her own volition. Damn cat. 

Other than that, she's doing fine. She grew some more, and after a software update, she now has more cuddle options, and my inventory doesn't get filled up with cat-toys everything I play with her. That's good - my inventory is full of all kinds of random things that would need a post of their own to explain, let alone catalogue!

Friends again <3
 After deciding that I needed to get out more, I went to Torley Island and found these really cool pieces of giant origami...

I know Kitti isn't tall in SL terms, but wow!
 ...and whilst I was there, I got to sit in another really big chair - and you know how I live for that!

Really big chair!
  ...and  I was then given a really cool add-on type thing that allows you to defy gravity and walk on the ceiling!

Look Ma, no hands! - and no strings!
The add-on was given to me by Laertes, with the intention that I could use it for roleplaying scenarios on his new shipyard at Botany Bay, but so far all I have done is walk around my ceiling a little bit. The funniest thing was that when I activated the add-on whilst still wearing my animation override, I spun around in circles. I have absolutely no idea why that happened, but it did make me giggle. Sadly, I didn't get a decent screenshot, but I do have some game capture software on my laptop, so maybe I'll utilise that.

I've also been doing some building - which, after my first post about building, I'm sure you cannot imagine. It took me so long last night, and I found the whole thing so fiddly...but I was getting pretty tired of having to throw up a wall everytime I wanted to make my own background for my screenshots, and the wall wasn't the prettiest thing in the world. So I tried to build something a little cooler, and a little more discrete. I'm not really sure what to say about them, so I'll just plonk them here.

By some miracle, I managed to put this together.

Applying textures :)

I couldn't work out why the walls were darker than the floor -

- and I could only fix it by making the walls glow XD

The end result!
After a little more playing around with the textures, I managed to make the outside of the build glass. So you can see in, but, as you can see from the above image, you cannot see out. Cool, huh? Well, I thought so.

Not the best screenie, but, I tried. I'm learning!
Well, that just about concludes my loose ends post. It's pretty much tied up, and I think I have sufficiently overloaded this post with images. There is one more thing, however. 

Does anybody remember a time when the girls' bathroom at Necronom VI wasn't out of order?!



  1. That bathroom's been out of order since 2009. FACT.

  2. It was in use before? Or was that when Necronom was built? :P

  3. It was when I joined SL, silly.

    I meant to say that Laertes gave me one of those things too. It was... disconcerting...


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